Year 1 AQA Psychology A Level Revision Content Overviews

Here are our first sets of overviews for you to download and use. They cover the key components of each unit, in a clean and simple way for you to edit and manipulate to meet your needs.

1. Social Influence Revision Grid

2. Memory Revision Grid

3. Attachment Revision Grid

4. Psychopathology Revision Grid

5. Approaches Revision Grid

6. Biopsychology Revision Grid

Overview of AS Research Methods

How to use them?

We would recommend that you produce a simple, easy to understand summary of the AO1 for each topic, add in relevant AO2 application to support this, and then give yourself a couple of research studies to support. Finish this off with some summarised AO3 evaluation points.

Enjoy, and any feedback please let us know!

The MyRevology Team



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