A Level Psychology Essay Tips – AO3 Elaboration & The PERCY Structure

One of the most important parts of your essays and long answers is the elaboration of for AO3 evaluation.

In order to achieve a band 4 answer (10-12; 13-16) you need to make sure you evaluation is thorough and effective throughout. As well as this, you need to make sure your argument is clear and elaborated well. Therefore fully explaining and expanding on each evaluation point is vital!

This is where the PERCY Structure comes in!

Download a guide to using PERCY below


PERCY is an acronym which helps you structure your answers. It can be used in two ways. One in which you combine AO1 Knowledge with AO3 Evaluation/Discussion. Alternatively it can be focused specifically on your AO3 Evaluation.

SO what does it stand for?

P – Point, you need to state your point

E – Explain what your point means!

R- Provide some research support to your point here

C – Now is your chance to criticise, can be the research, or the theory itself.

Y – Why is it a problem? Explain why the criticism is such an issue, making sure to link back to the question at hand!

A clear overview with examples of this in action with A-Level content is available to download above!

Hopefully this will get your evaluation into those top bands and have a real impact on your writing style!

Oh and also, its a great excuse to buy Percy pigs! Reward yourself with them if you do it right!

Any questions, as always just drop a message!

All the best,

The MyRevology Team.

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